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Homogenize Vegetable Glycerin for E-Juice / E-Liquid

Homogenize Vegetable Glycerin for E-Juice

PRO Scientific Homogenizers are ideal for the homogenization of vegetable glycerin for E-liquid, "E-juice". Homogenization of these samples together allows for a stable emulsion to be created that is shelf stable.  A range of setups are available depending upon your budget and processing requirements. 

Why use a homogenizer to blend VG for e-liquid?
With mechanical homogenizers there is 1000 times more energy than traditional stirring methods.  This allows the following to be mixed more efficiently:

  • Fluid-fluid (even viscous liquid, such as BHO can be easily homogenized)
  • Fluid-solid
  • Solid-solid (without liquid medium, lower bearing material will be custom changed)

With Mechanical Homogenizers a higher quality and better performing finished product is produced, because mechanical homogenization allows for:

  • Reduced particle size
  • Increased particle uniformity

Why use a PRO homogenizer to blend VG for e-liquid?
Operating a PRO Scientific mechanical homogenizer is easy and simple.  No formal training is necessary to operate the equipment.  Reviewing the operating manual before initial use provides the end user all the necessary information they need to operate a PRO Homogenizer.  

  •  All PRO Homogenizer motor units are maintenance free
  • PRO Scientific generator probes are easily to disassemble, clean and reassemble, while still providing you a high quality, durable piece of equipment.
PRO Scientific generator probes help homogenize your sample without negatively affecting your results.  This is ideal when sample integrity is of an utmost priority and you cannot dilute or change the composition of the raw materials.
  • PRO Scientific generators probes are manufactured out of 316 Stainless Steel
    • 316 Stainless Steel is highly durable and non-reactive with almost all chemicals
  • PRO generators probes are uniquely designed to allow for
    • Narrow clearances
    • Homogenization is more uniform
    • High-Shear numbers
    • Desired results are achieved faster
    • Anti-Foaming - PRO Generator Probed limit the amount of air introduced into the sample

PRO rotor-stator homogenizer generator probes are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber.  This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time. 
The variable speed of our homogenizers allows for the utmost control of your homogenization to ensure precise results. 
For samples within the range of 1ml - 100ml, the Bio-Gen PRO200 with a 7mm or 10mm PRO Quick Connect Generator Probe provides ideal results.

For samples within the range of 100ml - 1L, the PRO250 along with a 20mm or 30mm PRO Quick Connect Generator Probe provides ideal results.

For larger production scale volumes, our D-series or PC-Series Benchtop homogenizers will provide the level of homogenization and precision you require.

PRO Scientific Homogenizing Tips Are there any additional processing requirements for homogenizing my VG with a PRO homogenizer?
When you begin to homogenize your VG it is important to make sure that your sample is heated.  Room temperature VG will not homogenize at any speed.  It will be necessary to heat your sample (approximately 140-150°F), even slight increases in temperature will reduce your sample preparation time by facilitating your homogenization.  A hotplate can effectively provide you the sample heating you require.

Off-setting your generator probe in your sample will reduce the formation of a vortex during homogenization and further facilitate your homogenization. There are additional generator probe placement and speed control techniques that can provide you the highest level of homogenization.

Need help selecting a homogenizer? Visit our choosing a lab homogenizer page.

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