Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two-Step & Rapid Multi-Sample Homogenizing Systems

PRO Scientific offers two homogenizing options to free up your valuable lab time and significantly increase your laboratory productivity. 

Multi-Prep: Rapid Multi-Sample Homogenizer

Homogenize 6 samples at a time, up to 300 samples per hour.
Automated walk-away homogenizing.

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Multi-Prep Flier      Multi-Prep How it Works
  • Rapid automated multi-sample homogenizing
  • Process up to 6 samples at the same time
  • Samples homogenized in seconds
  • Store up to 10 different programs
  • Easy Load Spider Tube Racks 15ml and 50ml tubes
  • Can perform 60 oscillations per minute
  • Automated engagement & disengagement of Probes
  • Multi-Prep Probes ensure great results while avoiding cross contamination
  • Compact design, occupies small footprint
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DPS-20 Two-Step Automated Homogenizing System

Double your homogenizing efficiency by combining two methods of homogenizing, mechanical and ultrasonic into one automate system.
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Multi-Prep Flier      Multi-Prep How it Works
  • Three-in-one design allows the system to be used in any of the following automated configurations
    • Automated Ultrasonic Homogenizer
    • Automated Mechanical Homogenizer
    • Automate Mechanical & Ultrasonic Two-Step Homogenizer
  • Rapid automated multi-sample homogenizing
  • Process up to 20 in one run
  • Samples homogenized in seconds
  • Store up to 10 different programs
  • Cooling Carousel Tube Rack for 1.5ml, 15ml and 50ml tubes
  • Two option rinse cycles for cross contamination concerns
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who uses PRO Scientific Homogenizers?

Who uses a homogenizer?

Homogenizing is a very basic and essential component of most research and therefore this process is done in a variety of fields during research, development, and testing:

•College / Universities (Biology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Chemistry)
•Life Sciences (Ex. Cell disruption and lysis, Tissues, RNA/DNA processing)
•Food (Ex. Meats, Sauces, Rice, Fruits, and Vegetables)
•Pharmaceutical (Ex. Pill tablets)
•Environment (Ex. Plants and Soil)
•Cosmetic (Ex. Lotions and Mascara)
•Industrial (Ex. Chemicals and Crude Oil)

PRO Micro Homogenizing Packages


Ideal for customers in the microbiology and neuroscience fields who are processing in tubes from .5ml-5ml

PRO Premium Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package

For customers who are processing a lot of samples at a time or are worried about cross contamination.

PRO 400D Digital Benchtop Homogenizer

Ideal for customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Compact Digital Benchtop Unit with 1305 High-Watt Motor
  • Able to Homogenize, Emulsify, Blend, and/or Mix
  • Ideal for Processing Volumes from 0.03mL to 30L
  • Motorized UP/DOWN Stand

PRO MaX Homogenizing Packages

Ideal for customers in the compounding industry.

Why use a mechanical homogenizer in compounding?
A higher quality and better performing finished product is produced.  With mechanical homogenizers there is 1000 times more energy than traditional stirring methods.
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PRO Universal Homogenizing Packages

ldeal for all types of samples even tough or stringy in tubes from 10-50ml. 

Need more help?
We are more than happy to assist you in selecting a setup to best suit your customer's needs.
To help us do that, please let us know the following;

Homogenizer Questions
1.Type of sample
2.Sample volume
3.Size of largest solid in sample (if applicable)
4.Container size and volume
5.Special requirements, i.e. aerosol containment or cross contamination concern
This leads to the correct generator diameter and length as well as proper PRO Homogenizer unit selection.
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