Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disposable Homogenizer Alternative

Homogenizing lots of samples?

Worried about cross contamination?

Using tubes from 1.5ml up to 50ml?

Need a strong durable generator for tough tissue or plant homogenizing?


See it in action.

Multi-Gen 7XL Video

Use the new MULTI-GEN 7XL Multi-Gen 7XL on any PRO Homogenizer to effectively process tougher, bigger samples without worrying about cross contamination. 

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The NEW multi-pack MULTI-GEN 7XL features an open slotted tooth design which makes it a durable, disposable alternative and the ideal homogenzing equipment for processing tougher samples.  It also has a longer shaft so you can easily process in 1.5/2ml microtubes up 50ml conical tubes!  When homogenization is complete, hands free ejection of the generator minimizes the chance of accidental contamination.  The MULTI pack design reduces cross contamination risk, by allowing you to process each sample with a clean generator and eliminates cleaning between samples.  It's 316SS design allows for the utmost in chemical compatibility and all generators can be easily autoclaved at the end of your processing.

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