Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Green Homogenizing

Is your homogenizer green?

Concerned about cross contamination between samples while homogenizing?

Multi-Gen Homogenizer Probes are the only green homogenizing choice.

Green Homogenizer

With Multi-Gen Probes the savings are three-fold

  • Environment - No plastic probes to throw away.  Reduce your footprint with a Multi-Gen Probe.
  • Time - No need to stop and clean a probe in between samples.  The Multi-Pack design means each sample is processed with a clean generator probe.
  • Money - Stop wasting your lab's money on a plastic consumable.  Buy the Multi-Gen probes once, there is no repeat expense or replacement cost.

Multi-Gen Homogenizer Probes

Multi-Gen 7 and Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizer probes are;
· Perfect for all types of samples, soft to the toughest
· Homogenize in microtubes to 50ml tubes
· Without risk of cross contamination and cleaning in between samples
· Cost effective over plastic disposable generator probes
· Sterilize by any cleaning method (flaming, autoclaving or chemical cleaning)
· Compatible with all PRO homogenizer models
· The only “green” homogenizing choice for your lab

Here are just some of the many application references of homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer and Multi-Gen Probes